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NIBTC Complaints Procedure.


Guidelines for Lodging a Complaint 


Who may lodge a complaint:  

  • Any current financial member of the North Island Bull Terrier Club
  • Only current financial members of the NZKC and NIBTC can lodge complaints that occur during a NIBTC Champ or Open Show, or All Breeds Show. 

 Who can be complained about:  

• Any person who is a current financial member of the North Island Bull Terrier Club 


 Form of complaint (Form 1)  

• Must be in writing and signed by the complainant(s) 

• Must allege a breach of a New Zealand Kennel Club rule or regulation and /or NIBTC Code of Conduct

• Must establish at least one of the grounds for a complaint set out in New Zealand Kennel Club Rule 35.2(a) and/or NIBTC Code of Conduct

• Must be accompanied by sufficient evidence to establish a prima facie case of a breach of one of the grounds set out in Rule 35.2(a) and/ or the NIBTC Code of Conduct

• Must contain the details set out in Rule 35.3(c) 

  • Must be accompanied by the complaint fee of $25.00
    A complaint fee is non-refundable. (Rule 35.4(c). 

An application to waive the fee on the grounds of hardship must be made at this time (Rule 35.5 (vi)) 

Time limits on laying a complaint  

Time is paramount. Complaints must be lodged promptly. See rules 35.3 (h) (i) & (j) 

1. Complaints not arising out of a show 

Must be laid within 60 days from the time when the matter arose or within 60 days from the time when the matter which is subject of the complaint was discovered. 

See rule 35.3 (i) for complaints relating to a series of events and Rule 35.3 (j) for time constraints on societies laying complaints


2. Complaints arising out of a show. (See separate section) 

  • Must be lodged at the show before judging if feasible. 
  • Otherwise during or within sixty days of the date of the show with the committee running the show. If the complaint is against the personnel conducting the show then it must be lodged with New Zealand Kennel Club. 

See section below and refer to the links for information on Rule 35.8 for full details. 

How to lodge a complaint  

The form of complaint is lodged with the President of the NIBTC or if the president is one of the personnel running the show the complaint must be made to the:


New Zealand Kennel Club 

Private Bag 50903 


For Rule descriptions as stated in complaint procedure  please refer to link below.




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