Your 2014 - 2015 NIBTC Committee



Role in club: President

Tony Bowden (Auckland)

My partner and I have two bull terriers and they keep us very busy, but I would not have them any other way. Well maybe if they stopped wrecking stuff that would be good. I first joined the club around 2001 when our first Bull Terrier Chelsea was born. Since then I have been on more than a few committees for multiple different clubs, of multiple sports. The main focus for me this year as our new President is you the members and the dogs. This is a club that thrives on membership and our first and foremost objective is to put those members first; after all, without members there is no club.

Role in club: Vice President 

Pip McVicar (New Plymouth)

Hi! I have 2 bullies Cloud and Rain. Oldest is 10.5 youngest is almost 2. We all live in Taranaki. I am super excited about the fantastic events the committee have planned for the next year- and look forward to meeting lots of new faces. 

Role in club: Secretary

Heidi Holland (Waihi)

My husband Deane and I got our first bull terrier in 1986 and have been involved with the breed and club ever since. We’ve seen the club go through many changes in the last 30 years and hope that this year is no exception, with an emphasis on improving activities for our pet owners/members.

Role in club: Treasurer

Linda Flegg (Katikati)

My husband and I are lucky to live in a beautiful harbour side location near the small town of Katikati. Nick and I grew up here and love all that our area has to offer, the beach, the bush and our own little piece of paradise. I spend most of my spare time doing “dog stuff” in one way, shape or form. An ideal day for me is chilling at home with the bullies although with life being exceptionally busy we just don’t get to do enough of it. I fell in love with bullies in 1996, when we became the proud owners of Duffy, Ch Boromir Cyberpunk. We now have both bull terriers and miniatures. Over the years I have been involved in all aspects of club administration and am pleased to be back on committee.

Role in club: Committee (NIBTC Website)

Mandy Irwin (Matata)

I live in the picturesque seaside village of Matata in the EBOP with my husband, youngest son and four beautiful bull terriers that range from 12 years to 14 months. My love affair with bull terriers began a “long” time ago when I was a child and I fortunately have managed to convert my husband and children into bull terrier stalwarts. Despite full time teaching, I always manage to find quality time for my dogs and my wider bull terrier whanau. I am looking forward to being involved again as a committee member for our club.

Role in club: Animal Welfare/Rescue Officer

Sue McMillan (Taranaki)

I started out with my first dog as soon as I moved out of home at 17. Kim was an SPCA reject Dobermann and a real challenge for a novice dog owner. She taught me a lot. A few years later, after purchasing my own house, I bought a pedigree Dobermann who I showed to a champion. I had always admired bullies from afar, and in 1998 bought a pedigree bully and found that this was the right breed for me. In 2005 I imported two mini bulls, one in partnership with a friend. While I still have one very old and more than slightly decrepit Bull Terrier, my focus is now on breeding and showing mini bulls. Over the years I've held a couple of positions on the club committee. I look forward to an exciting year ahead.

Role in club: Committee

Shea Kelley (Auckland)


Hi there, I was introduced to the wonderful world of bullies a decade ago thanks to my partner Tony and his bully Chelsea. I learnt quickly what a bully ‘head-butt’ was and how to avoid them, but mostly found her love for life and people addictive. Her passing a year ago left us with a broken heart and a hole in our family that could only be filled with more bullies! We now have two new additions, Nero and Secret who remind us every day that anything left lying around will be eaten, buried or hidden!

I’m excited to be part of the new committee and looking forward to some fun events that are being planned and meeting you all.

Role in club: Committee 


Cheryl Inskeep (Tauranga)


Hi I live in sunny Tauranga with my husband, two children and our 3 Bull Terriers. My love of the breed began with a fascination I had with them as a child, there weren’t many around but I always seemed to notice any that were out and about. When my husband and I first got together we decided that one day we wanted a Bully in our lives, so 15 1/2 years ago we got a backyard bred on and the rest, as you say, is history.  Since then the fun, embarrassment and addiction of owning a Bully has been ours. Yep we didn’t stop at one, we then purchased a pedigree bitch who went on to produce her own offspring. We kept one of her daughters and with her began our journey in the show ring. Whether you have a pet or show Bully they are all close to our hearts and bring us lots of laughs, love and enjoyment. As a member of the committee I’m looking forward to fun events planned for members and seeing the club grow and thrive.


Role in club: Committee 


Debbie McGrath (Hamilton)


Hi all, I have only had the pleasure of having one Bull terrier, but fell in love with the breed after my Husband wanted one. Trinity who was 6 in March, has bought so much laughter and happiness into our household, I couldn't imagine life without the classic Bull Terrier charm that she and others Bull Terriers that I have meet have. I cant wait to be more involved with the Club and meeting you all at the upcoming events that have been planned.


Role in club: Committee 


Mark McGrath (Hamilton)

Hi folks, my very first memory of a Bull Terrier was a chance sighting about thirty years ago at Mission Bay in Auckland, his nose covered in fluorescent zinc and riding a skate board. Six years ago we were very lucky to welcome our girl Trinity into our home. Our life has never been the same since; full of character and curiosity, Trinity has shown us why we love this breed so much. I couldn't imagine our life with out her in it. I can't wait to see what the next twelve months have in store for NIBTC and looking forward to meeting you all real soon.



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