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Our club is located in NEW ZEALAND, and covers the North Island. The Club first started in 1972 as the Auckland Bull Terrier Club of NZ and has been functioning for over forty years. It is associated to the New Zealand Kennel Club and holds several shows each year. The 'NIBTC' caters to pet owners as well as breeders.


Our prime objectives are to promote happy, healthy bull terriers at all levels of ownership. A copy of the rules is available on request.  We believe that for the continued health and wellbeing of the breed that new/ prospective owners who want to breed their bull terriers need to make sure first that the health check has been carried out to insure that their puppy has been cleared of any of the breeds known hereditary diseases.  The club has literature on these and committee members are happy to talk to anyone who would like to know more.


The club publishes a bulletin 4 times a year which contains information about its activities and general information about the breed. It also has humorous articles and stories.  If you have a fun or informative story you would like to share, click here to submit it to the Editor.

Trading Table

Our trading table is kept stocked with bull terrier items such as books, tee shirts, caps and beanies. The table is found at any club function, or orders can be made by email

Puppies / Breeders

The club may be able to help with information about current litters. Please be aware there are 'breeders' advertising pedigree pups that are not actually able to be registered with the New Zealand Kennel Club for showing and breeding. If your aim is to own a pedigree bull terrier with a certified pedigree issued by the kennel club, we encourage you to give them a call on 04 237 4489, or email [email protected] to make sure that the person selling the pups is actually a registered breeder. 


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