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Understanding a Contract

The breeder may ask you to enter into a contract.  These may cover such things as the following:

  • Breeding rights
  • Care of the dog
  • Showing
  • Buy back clauses if the purchaser no longer wants the dog
  • Health defects
  • Endorsement (See NZKC registrations

Remember that the purpose of a contract is to protect both breeder and buyer and most importantly should be in the best interests of the puppy/dog.

Never accept a verbal contract, always get everything in writing. Give yourself time to read the contract and understand the implications that it may pose for you and your dog before you sign it. 
If you do not understand a clause, then ask BEFORE signing. Some breeders say they don't believe in contracts, and then sell you a dog in partnership anyway - it’s all the same thing, so make sure you know what is expected of you.



NZKC Registration

If you buy from a registered breeder you can expect to receive official NZKC papers, within 2 - 3 weeks of purchase - unless your contract states otherwise. These are similar to ownership papers, with a blue border and details of your dog’s pedigree name, breed, colour, date of birth and a three generation pedigree. At the time of registration, breeders can put endorsements on the puppies sold.  These require your signature.  Please read the full description of what each endorsement means.  If you do not agree with the endorsement, do not sign.


Breeders must notify the New Zealand Kennel Club of change of ownership within 14 days of you purchasing the puppy. This costs the breeder $40 per puppy registered and should be covered in the purchase price of the puppy. It is contrary to NZKC rules for breeders to charge more for registered puppies, than they do for un-registered puppies.  If you have concerns regarding the registration process, or have not received papers for your dog, contact the breeder in the first instance, and if no satisfaction is forthcoming, contact the New Zealand Kennel Club








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