North Island Bull Terrier Club

Tricks certification

The club offers a TRICK CERTIFICATE which is competed for in each club calendar year (June - May).

All club members are eligible to compete for this certificate and their dogs may be pedigree, purebred or crossbred. 

A total of 80 points collected over the club’s event weekends qualifies the dog for the certificate. Events may also be held online. All successful participants will be acknowledged and certificates are awarded at the club’s AGM each year.

The cost is $10 per event occasion.


Points are allocated as follows:

1. Physical round 67 points is a perfect round

a. Enter and compete in NIBTC show weekend 5 pts (Championship or Open shows) This may only be used once in a calendar year.

b. Obedience points:

  • Have dog walk at heel on a loose lead with 3 direction changes - 10 pts
  • Have the dog sit and stay for 1 minute - 10 pts
  • Have dog lie down and stay 1 minute - 10 pts
  • Have dog display ' leave it ' with a desirable toy or food 1 minute 10 pts
  • Display recall in a distracting environment - dog is to sit while an extenda lead is placed on the dog, must remain in a sit-stay while owner walks away then turns and calls when the adjudicator signals - 10 pts

c. Quick-fire tricks 2pts per trick to include only the following:

  • The dog can perform successive tricks and behaviours on command
  • Sit
  • Lie down
  • Speak
  • Touch
  • Shake hands
  • One trick of choice


2. Virtual Round 20 points is a perfect score

This is an online event where the dog is filmed performing continuous tricks similar to above but tricks of the owner’s choice with the following guidelines

  • The video may be only TWO minutes long
  • The dog MUST return to the standing position between each trick
  • There is a maximum of TEN tricks
  • The video must be continuous (no stops and starts) and unedited.
  • Entries will not be accepted until the entry fee is paid online


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